Name of Business AddressTime in businessProductsNeeds
1100 Block
Save A Lot1101 Pennsylvania Avenue3 YearsGrocery
Serenity Wellness1133 Pennsylvania Avenue6 MonthsNot Sure
Best Care Pharmacy1133 Pennsylvania Avenue3 YearsPharmacy
The Harlem Mini Mart1133 Pennsylvania Avenue2 YearsCorner Store
1200 Block
Robert C. Marshall Recreation Center1201 Pennsylvania AvenueRecreation Center
1400 Block
1500 Block
Simpson Loans1541 Pennsylvania Avenue
A-M Enterprises1511 Pennsylvania Avenue7 ½ YearsSportswear, socks, sheetsSafer neighborhood, 1502 needs to improve management
The Royal Casino1513-1519 Pennsylvania Avenue18 YearsLiquorBetter lighting and eliminating drug boys off of the block
A Plus1521 Pennsylvania AvenueVacantN/AAvailable for Rent
The Ravens Store1523 Pennsylvania Avenue1 YearTobacco, sodas
Upton Unisex Hair1525 Pennsylvania Avenue27 YearsHair CareOpening on Sunday
Family Mini Mart1527 Pennsylvania AvenueCorner Store and ATM ($10)
Capital Lounge1531-1533 Pennsylvania Avenue17 YearsSports Bar and LoungeParking Lot on side of building needs to be paved and lined and installation of elevator
1600 Block
Shake and Bake Family Fun Center1601 Pennsylvania Avenue25 YearsSkating, Bowling, Arcade, EventsClick Here
Dollar General1620 Pennsylvania Avenue10 YearsHousehold GoodsShoplifting
Wynne’s Carryout1639 Pennsylvania AvenueVacantProperty is gated.
D&M Grocery1641 Pennsylvania AvenueCandy, cigarettes, patented medicine
Metro PCS1640 Pennsylvania Avenue2 YearsCell phone and accessories#1 Store on the East Coast
Amy’s Nails1643 Pennsylvania Avenue20 YearsNail Care
1700 Block
Northwest Loan1701 Pennsylvania Avenue98 YearsJewelry, ElectronicsNeed to develop properties, focus on crime, improve perception of crime, cleaning the Avenue, marketing the Avenue
Crazy Mart1705 Pennsylvania AvenueVariety Store
Sweet Sixteen1711 Pennsylvania Avenue15 YearsWomen Clothing, ShoesNeed more food choices on the Avenue
Hopkins Beauty Supply1713 Pennsylvania AvenueBeauty SuppliesLoss products during Riots
Michelle’s Nails1719 Pennsylvania AvenueFeet and Nail Care
Probity Health, Penn Health Center, Omega Therapy1721 Pennsylvania Avenue23 YearsHealth Services, Dental and Physical Therapy
Cozy Laundromat1733 Pennsylvania AvenueLess than 6 monthsLaundromatNothing
Hello Dollar Store1735 Pennsylvania Avenue1 ½ YearsCandy, cakes, soda, cleaning productsSecurity, theft on Sundays, Friday, Saturday because market is closed
TCM1737 Pennsylvania AvenueChicken, Subs, Breakfast
1800 Block
B. Wireless1801 Pennsylvania AvenueSince 1983Cell Phones and AccessoriesMore police presence in the area
Cricket Wireless1803 Pennsylvania Avenue3 YearsCell Phones and AccessoriesClean out PA Avenue of loitering, customers fear to come in store due to people hanging out from of stores
First Lucky Star1804 Pennsylvania Avenue2 YearsSnacks, grocery, tobaccoLottery would increase business
Urban Jewelers1804 ½ Pennsylvania Avenue8 YearsGold teeth covers, dental (cosmetic) repairsMore space would like to move to space next door when Liberty Tax moves. With more space, sales will increase and allow training and increased product base
“Business Moved”1805 Pennsylvania Avenue2 YearsTVsNo money because of drug activity, customer fear people
Lucky Shop1811 Pennsylvania Avenue37 YearsShirts, handbags, watches, watch batteries
Sissy Fresh Seafood1812 Pennsylvania Avenue7 YearsFresh Vegetables, Fresh Seafood
Delivery for Seniors
MEL’s Cut Rate1813 Pennsylvania Avenue
Panda Carry Out1814 Pennsylvania Avenue10 YearsChinese FoodMore police stationed on street
BOOST1815 Pennsylvania Avenue3 YearsCell phones, accessoriesClean the Avenue (trash), stop loitering
No Limit Body and Health Products1816 Pennsylvania Avenue
Barber Shop1816 Pennsylvania AvenueLess than 6 monthsBarber ShopNothing
Lafayette Convenience Market1818 Pennsylvania AvenueMilk, Bread, daily household items
Lau’s Chinese Carryout1819 ½ Pennsylvania Avenue
Upton Check Cashing Center1822 Pennsylvania Avenue
Andrew Roofing1825 Pennsylvania Avenue40 YearsRoofing “Must call posted telephone number for service”
S&B Quick Appliances, LLC1827 Pennsylvania AvenueSince 2004Refurbished washers, dryers, refrigerators and appliance repairsNeed façade grant for business expansion and people fear coming to the Avenue
Vacant was formerly Athletic Store1829-1831 Pennsylvania AvenueVacant (burned during the Unrest)
United States Post Office1830 Pennsylvania AvenueUS Mail
New York Deli Catering1831Pennsylvania AvenueCold cuts, soft drinks
Record Connection, LLC1833 Pennsylvania AvenueJewelry, music, gifts, balloonsMore Customers
Care One Pharmacy1835 Pennsylvania AvenueMedicine
Sashae Selections1837 Pennsylvania AvenueBeauty Salon
Supreme Eatery1841 Pennsylvania Avenue2 MonthsSandwiches, Wraps, Cakes, PiesMore Customers
1900 Block
Upton Multi-Purpose/ Boxing Center1901 Pennsylvania AvenueMale and Female Fitness TrainingMore participants and local support
Martha’s Place and Garden1924-1926 Pennsylvania Avenue22 YearsFemale Housing and Recovery
Jubilee Arts Center1947 Pennsylvania Avenue10 YearsThe Arts
2000 Block
Slappy White2025 Pennsylvania AvenueVacant
Wonderland Liquor and Bar2043 Pennsylvania AvenueBeer and Wine
2100 Block
Spinx Club (Druid Heights CDC)VacantTotal rehabilitating funding
Residential2137 Pennsylvania AvenueVacant
M&D Liquor2139 Pennsylvania AvenueBeer, Wine, Groceries
Liquor, Beer, Wine2143 B Pennsylvania Avenue
M & D Liquor2139 Pennsylvania AvenueBeer, wine, grocery
Liquor, Beer , Wine2143B Pennsylvania Avenue
2200 Block
Hardware Plus, Inc.2211 Pennsylvania Avenue23 yearsBuilding suppliesWould like to expand to the adjoining lot
2213-2215 Pennsylvania AvenueVacant
Paradise Liquors2219-2223 Pennsylvania Avenue
Avenue Bakery2229 Pennsylvania Avenue5 yearsBaked goods
2300 Block
2319 Pennsylvania AvenueVacant
Diane Britton2321 Pennsylvania Avenue12 yearsVariety, moviesUnlicensed sales of merchants
Penn Kwick Mart2338 Pennsylvania Avenue3 yearsGrocery, cold cuts
2400 Block
Penn Super/JY Carry Out2400 Pennsylvania Avenue12 yearsGrocery
Market Store
Associated Medical Clinics and Office Building – Acupunture2402 – 2410 Pennsylvania Avenue23 yearsAcupuncture and medical services
Advance Footcare2412 Pennsylvania AvenueFoot care services
Penn North Foot Care2414 Pennsylvania AvenueFoot care services
#1 Chinese2416 Pennsylvania AvenueFast food Chinese Food
D&D2418 Pennsylvania Avenue
Folle Carry Out2420 Pennsylvania AvenueVacant
2422 ½ Pennsylvania AvenueVacant
Ali E and M Mart2424 Pennsylvania AvenueVacant
BOOST Mobile2424 Pennsylvania AvenuePhone sales
Arch Social Club, LLC2426 Pennsylvania AvenueSocial Club
2500 Block
Baltimore City Department of Social Services2500 Pennsylvania AvenuePublic assistance
CVS Pharmacy2509 Pennsylvania AvenuePharmacy
American Health Career Institute2520 Pennsylvania AvenueHealthcare Training
Wells Fargo (ATM)2520 Pennsylvania AvenueATM Banking
2600 Block
Flat Fix New and Used Tires2600 Pennsylvania AvenueTire Sales and Tire Repairs
B&Y Auto Repairs2600 B Pennsylvania AvenueAuto Repairs
PAPA Auto Parts2631 Pennsylvania Avenue20 YearsAuto Parts Experts
George Ruppersberger & Sons2639 Pennsylvania AvenueWholesale Beef, Lamb and Veal
Smart Steps Day Care2646 Pennsylvania Avenue5 YearsChildcare
2700 Block
Tequila Sunrise Bar and Lounge2701-2705 Pennsylvania AvenueGentlemen and Ladies Club
Beauty Supply2707 Pennsylvania Avenue3 MonthsHair Products
Vacant2700, 2702, 2704, 2706, 2708, 2710, 2712, 2716, 2718 Pennsylvania Avenue
Kit Kat Mini Mart2714 Pennsylvania AvenueCandy, ATM, Lotto, Subs
Private Residence2720 Pennsylvania Avenue
Vacant2722 Pennsylvania Avenue
VASAR Property Management2725 Pennsylvania AvenueProperty Management
Vacant2727, 2729 Pennsylvania Avenue
Vacant2724, 2726, 2728 Pennsylvania Avenue
Ovations2730 Pennsylvania Avenue7 YearsHair CareFunding for building repairs
Red Fox Liquors/Cut Rate Store2733 Pennsylvania AvenueBeer, Wine, Liquor
US Fried Chicken2738 Pennsylvania Avenue4 YearsSubs, Soft Drinks, Cigarettes
Blocks Off Of Pennsylvania Avenue
Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, Cosmetology and Liz’s Nails534 Sanford Place60 Plus YearsHair Care with customer base over 50 years oldFunding for roof repairs
Legends Restaurant614-620 Laurens StreetSoul Food
Quik Pik, Inc.620 Laurens Street
Santa Maria’s Carry Out1376 Fremont AvenueFood Carry Out
Nail Salon577 Laurens Street1 MonthNail CareSignage (Façade Grant)