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State Revitalization Programs Application Fiscal Year 2019

UPC/UPC WESTSIDE CDC FY19 MD DHCD Funding Application Process Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development Division of Neighborhood Revitalization State Revitalization Programs Application Fiscal Year 2019 DEADLINE FOR DHCD SUBMISSION: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. How much money is available? What Programs will be funded? For Fiscal Year 2019, the Division anticipates that almost $13.25 million will [...]

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The Historic Upton Neighborhoods, comprised of six community associations, are an assembly of mixed-use historic neighborhoods just north of downtown Baltimore City. Upton is composed of single-family and multi-family homes in its residential areas as well as offices and businesses along the Pennsylvania Avenue corridor. Our neighborhood takes pride in its friendly atmosphere, its strong sense of community, and its place in Baltimore City’s history.

The historic Upton community is steeped in tradition. Once a thriving hub of African American culture and commerce and home to a flourishing middle class community, Upton has lost many of the places and people that made is sustainable.

We are striving to make the Upton of tomorrow a different place. The first step is to inspire ownership and pride in the community by renovating places of historical value.  Whether you live, work or play in Baltimore City, the Upton Neighborhoods offer a unique opportunity. From shopping to entertainment, Upton is a great neighborhood in Charm City and we invite you to visit us.